Digital financing

Galena's Multistrategy Fund navigates diversified asset classes across global markets, untangling the web to find distinct investment themes. Our unique perspective benefits from Trafigura's understanding of the prevailing physical supply and demand factors and its research activities, which provides a unique fundamental input that is central in specific market environments dominated by supply or demand. The Fund’s investment focus sits at the junction between commodities and global macro.

Initially, our approach was uniquely reserved for our employees and closest investors to benefit from opportunities across the macro and commodities space. The objective was to run an unconstrained strategy with variable volatilities and exposures. With increasing demand from our external investors, a specific share class has been created to allow them to access the Fund.

Galena's Multistrategy Fund runs a top-down investment approach. Through Trafigura's Chief Economist, the portfolio management team benefits from real-time feedback on the realities seen by the research and trading teams. The scale and insight are unparalleled and result from the Group's leading position in metals, mining, energy, shipping and renewables.

The Fund seeks to capitalise on developments in commodity trends that emerge across commodities, equities, currencies and fixed-income markets, while prioritising liquidity.